Monday, February 9, 2009

New winter coat!

I love winter coats. Before this, I owned four wool coats of varying lengths and shades as well as a puffy snow coat for snow-angel days. Every single year the new shapes, colors, and details on the array of wool coats tempt me so much. I held out this year for quite a while, until this coat at Target finally went on sale in my size.

It's an amazing combination of military - scratchy navy wool, anchor-detail buttons, double-breasted - and princessy - the swishy, pleated skirt. I am undeniably in love. The major downside is that the buttons are sewn on quite shoddily and one has already popped off. I'll be spending tonight sewing that one back on and shoring up the rest so I can wear it tomorrow, with my favorite scarf from Prague:

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