Thursday, February 26, 2009

Outfit post: Wednesday

I LOVE three-piece suits. This one is from H&M, and was the product of a long search inspired by a Banana Republic print ad of a blue/grey glen plaid three-piece suit in their menswear Monogram collection (the ad seems to have disappeared from the internet, but I might have to scan it when I get home to share). This is a definitely femme-y version, with a tight vest, shorter, single-button jacket, and wide-leg pants. Someday I would love to find a more menswear cut three-piece suit, with straight legs and a long jacket. Suit from H&M, high-heeled patent oxfords and button-front shirt from Target.

Outfit post: Tuesday

This is my crazy version of secretary chic. Blue polka-dot tie-neck blouse and silver sequined flats from Old Navy, sweater and tights from Target, belt from Gap, and denim pencil skirt from I don't remember where.

Outfit post: Monday

Lots of black here, so I can't wait to wear this dress as it gets warmer and ditch the crewneck, cardie, and leggings. Dress from Anthropologie, cardie from Gap, crewneck, tights, and leggings from Target.

The afor-mentioned Target slipper chairs

I also love this settee:

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Target, the fine French boutique

Design blogs all over have been all a-twitter about Target's fabulous new selection of slipper chairs - which are great - but I, personally, am in love with this set of modern-victorian purple velvet furniture. Especially the turned legs on the fainting couch and the high-back of the loveseat.

If only skycaps still existed

It's a little out of my price range (and lifestyle) but I am lusting after this gorgeous luggage from SteamLine Luggage. Tres chic!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Book Review: At Swim, Two Boys

I finished Jamie O'Neill's behemoth, ten-years-in-the-making novel last week. It was fabulously, spectacularly good. It tells the story of two young friends who fall in love against the backdrop of the beginnings of the Irish war for independence. The two boys, brash and scarred Doyler and shy and naive Jim, make a pact to swim out to Mugglins rock in the Irish sea on Easter 1916. The entire book is tense with both anticipation for the swim, which acts as a symbol of the revolutionary tensions in Dublin, and the almost painfully slow evolution of the boys' sexuality and relationship. I was absolutely dying for these two boys to have a happy ending; not to give anything away, let's just say I cried in my girlfriend's arms after I finished the book.

Yay Leanne!

I love, love, love Leanne Marshall from last season's Project Runway. So I obviously subscribe to her blog, and was thrilled to see pictures from her latest show. Grey and Purple! A woman after my own heart. I adore the grey coat and need it asap. The long purple gown and the bronze skirt are also fantastic.

I saw this cute sailor-esque dress on ModCloth and thought it would be darling for our trip to Provincetown. So I made a lovely imaginary day-to-night look for my imaginary dress!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Joining the ranks of the unemployed

I will no longer be "something between a mother and waitress." At least at this particular company.

I just received my two week's notice. While I'm ready and excited to move on, I thought I would have a little more time to look for something new, so having only ten working days left is kind of nerve-wreaking. My fingers are crossed for something either a. closer to home or b. in the art world (or c. both!).

Friday, February 20, 2009

Outfit post outtakes

Outfit post: Wednesday

A bit school-girl inspired, n'est pas? Turtleneck from Target, dress from Nordstroms Rack, tights from Target, shoes by Doc Marten.

I'm writing in American

The first minute and a half is the funny bit.

Goodbye Roxy

This post is a farewell to my dearly departed family dog, Roxy, who died on Wednesday. Roxy had been with us for I don't even know how long - at least 17 years - and was my first real pet. We sort of ended up with her by default; her owners asked us to watch the year-old puppy while they visited a family member. They never came back for her, which baffles me to this day. She was a black lab/rottweiler mix and was both very protective and incredibly sweet. My whole family misses her very much. Last time I went home, at Christmas, she was suffering from a whole host of problems, but still tried to play with the other dogs and loved being petted and comforted.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wellesley Legenda

A blog I follow, the snail and the cyclops, posted this weekend about images from a vintage Wellesley Legenda, the yearbook for my alma mater. I've always enjoyed flipping through the old copies Wellesley keeps in many public places around campus and seeing familiar buildings in their older settings.

I wish my archery class had looked like this!

Jennifer's Valentine's Day Surprise

Now, I'm not usually all mushy on Valentine's, but any excuse to spoil my girl (and occasionally myself in the process) gets a lot of enthusiasm from me! So, I made her this little pre-memory box to show her what we'll be doing together on April 10-12.

When she opened it up, revealed inside was this little accordion-fold book.

Each pair of pages showed some activity and held a space for a picture taken on the trip. I intended it as a pre-made scrapbook for Jennifer, who likes scrapbooks but doesn't get around to making them herself.

I can't wait for the actual event! Jennifer and I haven't had a proper getaway since before we were technically together.


So, Jennifer splurged and got herself a brand new bicycle over the weekend! It's tres cute and probably much more practical than my own.

My bicicletta, lovingly named Madeleine after The Decemberists' The Apology Song, is a Schwinn Fair Lady made in 1961 and abandoned in my family's barn sometime before we moved there in 1989. When I pulled it out of the rubble, covered in dust, it had its original (but flat) tires, a missing handlebar bolt, and no seat or seat post.

Madeleine wants it to be spring so she can be taken out more!

I pulled it out, cleaned it up, repaired the handlebars and replaced the seat (after a few mishapes relating to the fact that it is an outdated size), and it's in ridable condition. It might need new tires soon, and I plan to add new handgrips, a basket, and maybe even some cute tassles or a fun bell.

Although we had a few old bikes at home I could have chosen from, the adorableness of Madeleine won me over, despite the fact that she weighs approximately a billion pounds and is a single-speed, both of which mean doing anything other than riding leisurely on flat ground is more or less out of the question.

Jennifer's new bike, on the other hand, is a lovely mint/seafoam green Schwinn with 18(!) speeds and lovely shocks to help going over bumpy terrain.

Lookit how cute!

Jennifer's bike has been named Genevieve, after the beloved pooch of our favorite ginger heroine, Madeline.

Jennifer is cheery and classy when she rides her bike.

Me, not so much.

We both got very fancy new helmets, so we can be safe and ride places other than our driveway. As soon as the town farmer's market starts up again, we shall take Saturday rides to get our week's fruit and veg!

Outfit post: Sunday

I love this flirty, forties-inspired dress, but don't wear it nearly often enough. So, I wore it for a post-Valentine day at the shops with my girl. Dress from Delias, grey tights from Target, navy velvet ballet flats from Old Navy.

Outfit post: Friday

Pretty casual for Friday. Top and 3/4 sleeve cardie from Target, dark wash straight leg jeans from Gap.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Monsoon Purple Shoes

Update to my last post: I love the edwardian jacket!

Also, as if we needed more proof of my purple/grey obsession, see this set below that I've had in my polyvore drafts since October.

Purple and Grey

Why, Monsoon, why???

My last post inspired me to have a wee looksie around Monsoon's website. They're great for eye-candy, and the fact that they don't ship to the US is alternately a blessing (because then I can't spend loads of money on them) and a curse (because sometimes I want to spend loads of money on them!).

I'm pretty sure, however, that I need these shoes.

I would wear them with a chic LBD like this:
Or be really bold and wear them with loads of pattern, like this frock:
They would also be really fantastic with this little navy chiffon party dress I wore for New Year's Eve.

Ceci n'est pas Valentine's Day

But it almost is! Tonight and tomorrow while Jennifer's at work I will be devoted to finishing up her Valentine's Day surprise, which I predict she will absolutely flip over. I'm going to definitely post details and pictures on Monday. However, if I could get my lovely girl anything - absolutely anything - in the world, I would get her these things:

A lifetime supply of Monsoon dresses.

A menagerie with a pony,

A miniature pig,

and many puppies.

An awesome bike (the Electra Amsterdam Girard 3i).

And steak whenever she wanted it.