Thursday, December 31, 2009


Love these adorable (and affordable!) headbands from Old Soul New Heart. Doubly cute because of the witty names.


I saw this beautiful house on Aesthetic Outburst and I think I may be in love with the entire place. Purple and grey is obviously one of my favorite combinations, and I even love the pops of yellow!

Emily Walker's home via Candian House and Home.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ankle boots

I'm not usually one for ankle boots, but I really like these convertible ones from Need Supply Company. The buckles on the side and the tiny wedge are great touches! Plus, they're an affordable $78.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I'm not sure what I would use it for, but I'm pretty sure I need some of this unicorn fabric from Heather Ross. So cute, so very Hunt of the Unicorn tapestries. I'm thinking the purple especially would look lovely on an upholstered chair. Found via design*sponge.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

New camera!

It's been ages since I've posted, so how about some holiday consumerism? My mom is awesome, and bought me the digital SLR I have been lusting after for my birthday/Christmas. So far I've only used it to snap awkward pictures of Jennifer sitting on the couch, but look forward to taking it out in the daylight this weekend.

 Nikon D3000, aka my precious.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Want, please

Neil Gaiman's basement library. Gorgeous. Photographed by Kyle Cassidy, seen at Shelfari.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New armchair

I saw this armchair two weeks ago at the Salvation Army but decided not to impulse buy. I kept thinking about the chair all week, though, and was thrilled it was still there this weekend (and on discount because it had been there longer!)

I am glad I decided to get it after all. Right now it's providing extra seating in our living room, in addition to our hideous moss-green couch. It would fit right in in the library but we don't need/have room for more seating in there. So, I suppose this piece will be one of those I'll love on its own and at some point have a place for it where it is fully complemented by the rest of the room! Or maybe if we replace our gross couch before we move out of this place...

New boots!

I have been dying for a pair of rugged motorcycle-esque boots, but frequently have a hard time finding boots, even shorter ones, which fit my calves. I tried on this pair at DSW and was in love instantly! They're very comfortable and slip on smoothly, even over jeans.

Matisse Coconuts Marley Leather Boot at DSW - Dumb name, cute boots!

I still would like a pair of 8R Frye Harness boots, but at $70 less, these ones will do quite nicely for now!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Book sale

Last weekend was the much-anticipated Natick Morse Library book sale. I love it because there's always a lot of books from the 40s-70s with amazing cover designs rather than four dozen copies of the latest chick lit/Oprah's book club pick. I'm always tempted by the pretty covers and occasionally pick up a copy of something I may never read or already have a copy of just because of its cover. My favorite picks this time:

The piece de resistance: my favorite book in the ultimate Penguin Classic design:

New Anthro catalogue

I'm loving the library and cabinet of curiosities feel.

The Black Apple

I am so excited, I just *finally* bought something from Emily at The Black Apple, i.e. my fashion and crafty icon. It's the compendium for her oh-so-clever and adorable Oddfellows Orphanage series. I've desperately wanted to buy one of the prints, but could not make up my mind. So, here comes this book that has all of the characters in it! Plus it comes with a sweet little badge and a card. Too good to pass up.

Visit Emily at her blog and etsy shop. She is too cute for words, I swear.

While I'm promoting her, I also really want these prints from her shop:

Books print - for the library!

More Urban Outfitters

I'm really liking these suede heels from Urban Outfitters. They come in five different colors and at $48 are actually affordable!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I am loving the science-inspired home accessories over at Anthro right now.

However, I say skip Anthro's prices and buy directly from the source. I'm looking at places like The Lab Depot, Nova-Tech International, and Test Tubes Online for my labware for our mad scientist Halloween. These places allow you to buy lab-quality glassware in cases as small as 12 or up to 200!

Glass beakers, which come in 5-5000ml capacity, make great drinking glasses. Why not try a 25ml beaker as a shot glass or a 250ml beaker as a tumbler for a great sangria?

A big Erlenmeyer flask would make a great decanter for said sangria, while a smaller one would serve as a lovely vase.

A full wooden test-tube rack would serve as a lovely set of bud vases. Or to hold cool layered shots for a party.

Porcelain bellwether crucibles would make great dishes for baked dips!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


While I've never really been all that into Halloween, Jennifer's enthusiasm has rubbed off on me and I find myself very much looking forward to it this year, not least because we have one party to go to and one party to host!

My lovely friend Lily is planning an art-themed party to be held at the museum at Wellesley, with a special guest appearance by Jennifer as caterer! The party theme is to dress as your favorite piece of art - how awesome, right? It wasn't too difficult to decide on my inspiration:

I've got my much-longed-for striped stockings (yay, SockDreams!), a white dress, and will be borrowing a pair of t-strap heels from Jennifer. Now I'm searching for a crochet/fringy white shawl to drape oh-so-artfully over one shoulder.

Now, however, the question is what do I do for the party we are hosting? Choices include:

Adapting my Bellocq outfit to be a bit more Moulin Rouge-esque. I do have a top hat dying to be worn.

Jennifer and I were musing on children's book heroines, she as Madeline and me as Coraline. However, it is proving difficult to find the proper blue wig as well as a yellow raincoat and boots, which is my favorite of her outfits.

My possible favorite idea, for which I could also use my top hat, would be to be that oh-so-fabulous patron saint of gays everywhere, Oscar Wilde.

Decisions, decisions.

Friday, September 4, 2009


I would like to stay here, please.

Gorgeous holiday house on the coast of Donegal. Found via Swish and Swanky.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Feeling sick

I have a cold. The only things that make my work day bearable are my gorgeous Peet's mug filled with a generous supply of hot-pink Hibiscus C tea.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tap tap typewriters

Maybe it's because I am a secretary (more by default than choice, I assure you), or maybe because I'm seriously channeling some Mad Men fashion with my sheath dress today, but I just went on a major Etsy typewriter search bender. There are some seriously gorgeous vintage machines out there! Now I find myself really wanting one, to sit and look pretty in my library and occasionally to type out a lovely wee note or bit of scrapbook journaling.

This teal one from happydayvintage is so cute and teensy!

I love this more serious 1920's model at OldWorldOrder. It even comes with a tweed carrying case!

Seriously, though, someone needs to scoop up this saccharine sweet pink typewriter at PoeticHome. If it weren't $400 I would be all over it!

I <3 knockoffs

Remember when I wanted these shoes from Seychelles?

Well, I just bought these ones from Target! Not quite as worn in, and I miss the stacked heel, but a fairly good imitation for $30. I'm thinking of wearing them with skinny jeans and a military-esque top of some sort.I also like these faux Fryes, especially because I've been lusting after Frye harness boots for years, but they look too narrow in the calf for me.

I am considering these very posh rainboots, however, as none of my three (!) pairs are really working for me now, for a variety of reasons.

Best Iowa buys

We did a fair amount of shopping (and eating!) while in Iowa this past week. I'm currently wearing one of my favorite buys, a purple boat-neck stretch sateen cotton sheath dress (with pockets!) from Gap Outlet. But, some of my favorite non-clothes items are below:

A bird sculpture in a delicate glass globe from Pier One.

In situ on one of my favorite bookshelves! This shelf houses my gorgeous Evelyn Waughs as well as my growing collection of vintage books. I love the covers on them! Within the collection is a sub-collection of vintage Arthurian/medieval myth books. Also, the knight in shining armor is holding up our collection of vintage Italian tour guides.

These books were bought at the oh-so-creepy Trinity Heights. I will admit, I felt a little guilty giving money to an organization that has a garden dedicated to the "victims of abortion", but I couldn't resist the sweet cover designs on these two. I especially love the Sin one, with the snake and apple.