Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy (almost) weekend!

Brrr. It's so icy here I feel like a penguin or an arctic explorer. But I have many things to look forward to this weekend:
  • Going to see Taken with my girl tonight. Liam Neeson as an action hero!
  • My good friend Arrin from Wellesley will be here to visit me tomorrow! We shall be having steak fries, pizza, and Magners, which is a near-unbeatable dinner.
  • Continuing our newly-founded Sunday morning tradition of having breaky at the Bakery on the Common in town. I think I might be trying the ham and cheese croissant, in memory of the many ham and cheese pastries Jennifer and I ate in Greece.

Outfit post: Thursday

Oy with the layers already! I would like this outfit better if it was warmer and I could do it without the men's v-neck underneath and the lilac cardie. But it does incorporate two of my favorite items in my wardrobe - a cozy yet flattering, delicate jersey and silk camisole from the Gap in white and silver, and a short-sleeve wool blazer from Banana Republic. The jacket has a lovely peter-pan-esque collar and sleeves puffed just the right amount.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Outfit post: Wednesday

Plain black long-sleeved laying tee from Target, lilac wool cardigan (you can only see the teensiest edge of it, plus it was mostly just for warmth, not looks) from Gap, blazer thrifted, straight-leg overdyed jeans from Gap and rainboots from Target.

This blazer is a little shapeless, but it's burgundy velvet so how is a girl to resist? After buying it for a whopping $2.50, I replaced the ugly plastic buttons on the front and cuffs with matching burgundy satin ribbons. I'd like to wear it with something fancier underneath, but I'm afraid of venturing too far into pirate/Bette Porter territory with too many ruffles, etc.

The boots are also just for walking to/from the train and running errands for work, so when I'm inside I wear the same pair of black t-strap ballet flats everyday at the office. Believe me, it's getting boring, but it's way too icy and wet to risk anything more delicate outside. Love the winter, but better shoe selection is definitely a perk of spring!

Outfit post: Tuesday

It's been pretty chilly this week, so I've been all about layers and more layers! Many of them made of wool and other cozy, warm materials.

This was before I put on my rain/snow boots, hence the disappearing feet! The tops are from Target and the vest and wide-leg trousers from Old Navy.

I think I'll experiment with tucking in the shirt and wearing the vest open next time, because I'm not loving the big chunk of fabric at the midriff area. But overall I liked the mix of textures and patterns.

Book Review

A few weeks ago, the local library had one of its semi-annual book sales, where I picked up no less than a dozen fabulous books, including an adorable 1960s copy of TH White's The Sword in the Stone. How could I resist this sweet cover?

Sadly, due to the dry, fragile condition, the cover snapped off the first time I opened the book! But I'm planning to frame it or pin it up on the wall, so all is well.

I've been wanting to read White's Arthurian series for a while (the four books plus one previously unpublished manuscript are currently published in two volumes, The Once and Future King and The Book of Merlyn), so I was excited to start.

I was definitely not disappointed. White's writing is of the dry humored, light-hearted sort like that of two of my other favorites, Evelyn Waugh and CS Lewis. In fact, I could definitely see my younger self being obsessed with White's Arthur in the same way I adored Lewis's Pevensies (and Prince Caspian!).

Even though it might be thought of as a kids' read, The Sword in the Stone is written in a way that's delightful for adults as well. Full of allusions and anachronistic remarks, it reads a little like a puzzle and challenges the reader to accept an odd fitting-together of various myths, true and made-up English history, and 20th century life. Full of magic, whimsy, and daring adventure, The Sword in the Stone contains charming, complicated characters who display a full range of emotions. The one-dimensional characters seen in the Disney movie version are literally caricatures of White's originals.

I can't wait to read the other three books in The Once and Future King, as well as the more somber Book of Merlyn.

In the next few days, look for a (probably more serious) review of my current read, James Baldwin's Giovanni's Room, first published in 1956.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sigh for Spring

This fab, fab, fabulous picture of Ellen Page has been posted on a few of the blogs I read and of course I had to follow suit. Ellen is gorgeous, as usual, and I'm completely in love with the dress, shoes, and amazing bicycle. It definitely makes me want to finish polishing up and accessorizing my bike so once spring is upon us I can go on lovely rides into town with my girl. Who knows, maybe that's Ellen's objective too (disclaimer: I do not know if Ellen Page is gay. I only hope so).

Picture via Copenhagen Cycle Chic via Creature Comforts and A Cup of Jo.

I might actually cry

It looks like my favorite, much beloved home magazine, Domino, will be closing its doors. I think I might actually cry over this, I love this magazine so much.

RIP Domino.


For the past six months or so, I have been obsessed with EJ Bellocq's Storyville Portraits of prostitutes in New Orleans. Specifically, this lovely woman:

I love her casual pose, her fabulous hair, her floaty, feathery dress, her t-strap heels. But most of all, I LOVE her striped stockings. They are fabulously old-timey, whorish and circus-like. A similar look was also seen on one of the prostitutes on Deadwood. I want, I need, I crave striped stockings. Is it odd to fashion your sartorial choices based on inspiration from long-gone and fictional ladies of ill repute? I don't care, I want to be ill-reputed myself!

Of course, when I saw this image at the Urban Collection, I fell in love all over again and went, once again, on a quest for the perfect striped stockings.

I went to the fabulous and found a few choices. I think these below might be the best for what I'm going for, although I would prefer them a little more opaque than sheer.

Now if only I could find the perfect vintage-y, lacey, flowy dress and some kicking t-straps, I'd be quite the lady of the night.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

And so to start.

Ciao! I'm Shannon, and I will be your host for this blog. I'm 22, recently graduated, and living in the suburbs of Boston. This blog will more or less be my musings on interior design, art, cute things, and hopefully daily outfit posts. To get it going, here's my Thanksgiving day outfit (I don't seem to have anything more recent already uploaded!)