Friday, January 30, 2009

Outfit post: Thursday

Oy with the layers already! I would like this outfit better if it was warmer and I could do it without the men's v-neck underneath and the lilac cardie. But it does incorporate two of my favorite items in my wardrobe - a cozy yet flattering, delicate jersey and silk camisole from the Gap in white and silver, and a short-sleeve wool blazer from Banana Republic. The jacket has a lovely peter-pan-esque collar and sleeves puffed just the right amount.


  1. I do love that blazer. I think it needs a bit of color especially if you're gonna wear it with khaki pants. But it is quite a bit going on in the neckline area.

  2. Yeah, the color issue is why I added the purple tank. I just need it to warm up so I can wear a normal amount of clothes! Or I need to work somewhere that has a reliable heating system.