Monday, August 31, 2009

Feeling sick

I have a cold. The only things that make my work day bearable are my gorgeous Peet's mug filled with a generous supply of hot-pink Hibiscus C tea.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tap tap typewriters

Maybe it's because I am a secretary (more by default than choice, I assure you), or maybe because I'm seriously channeling some Mad Men fashion with my sheath dress today, but I just went on a major Etsy typewriter search bender. There are some seriously gorgeous vintage machines out there! Now I find myself really wanting one, to sit and look pretty in my library and occasionally to type out a lovely wee note or bit of scrapbook journaling.

This teal one from happydayvintage is so cute and teensy!

I love this more serious 1920's model at OldWorldOrder. It even comes with a tweed carrying case!

Seriously, though, someone needs to scoop up this saccharine sweet pink typewriter at PoeticHome. If it weren't $400 I would be all over it!

I <3 knockoffs

Remember when I wanted these shoes from Seychelles?

Well, I just bought these ones from Target! Not quite as worn in, and I miss the stacked heel, but a fairly good imitation for $30. I'm thinking of wearing them with skinny jeans and a military-esque top of some sort.I also like these faux Fryes, especially because I've been lusting after Frye harness boots for years, but they look too narrow in the calf for me.

I am considering these very posh rainboots, however, as none of my three (!) pairs are really working for me now, for a variety of reasons.

Best Iowa buys

We did a fair amount of shopping (and eating!) while in Iowa this past week. I'm currently wearing one of my favorite buys, a purple boat-neck stretch sateen cotton sheath dress (with pockets!) from Gap Outlet. But, some of my favorite non-clothes items are below:

A bird sculpture in a delicate glass globe from Pier One.

In situ on one of my favorite bookshelves! This shelf houses my gorgeous Evelyn Waughs as well as my growing collection of vintage books. I love the covers on them! Within the collection is a sub-collection of vintage Arthurian/medieval myth books. Also, the knight in shining armor is holding up our collection of vintage Italian tour guides.

These books were bought at the oh-so-creepy Trinity Heights. I will admit, I felt a little guilty giving money to an organization that has a garden dedicated to the "victims of abortion", but I couldn't resist the sweet cover designs on these two. I especially love the Sin one, with the snake and apple.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thrift finds!

Recent finds from the thrift store:

We're slowly collecting a number of white china pieces in interesting shapes. I like that they can be easily mixed and still look cohesive, and jazzed up with pieces in other, bright colors. The teapot is a single-serving size; I bought eight of them to use for our Alice in Wonderland tea party that will hopefully be happening this September! I'm not sure what the domed dish is; my best guess is an individual butter dish. I think they would also be very cute for small desserts. The bowl is lotus-shaped and lovely.

The teacups have been slowly collected with the help of my mom, an unrepentant shopaholic. But the footed silver tray is new! It has a nice solid heft to it. It looks like it could use a good polish, but we kind of like the tarnished look to it as well.

I have been after a pair of flat-heeled oxfords for a while, so what better solution than an already-broken-in pair of men's shoes for $6?

These were probably the coolest, yet most heart-breaking find! A pair of knee-high Frye Campus boots in worn but still great condition for $8!!! Unfortunately, there is no chance these would ever, ever fit over my calves. So, I picked them up for my (lucky!) baby sister, who has rather slimmer calves than me. They're exactly her size, so I hope they fit her!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

DIY fabric calendars

I just saw these printed fabric calendars over at Oh So Beautiful Paper. They're by SeptemberHouse; they come in two different sizes and are totally customizable! I definitely think I might have to get one for myself and do a bit of adorable embroidery. These would also make super adorable gifts - like those cutesy kiddie-picture calendars new parents really like to print up and send to all their relatives, except waaaay better.

Pretty pottery

Today I saw a post on ish and chi about Have You Met Miss Jones ceramics. I instantly fell in love with the white bone china button dishes!

Button dishes - so precious!

Actually, everything Miss Jones makes is really cute. I also love the Origami collection as well as the delicate pottery antlers and horns.

Gazelle Antler - these are on sale and I want them for my cabinet of curiosities!

I also saw these super cute his + hers dishes by MayLuk on poppytalk. Love the corset and top hat!

I also wanted to add these adorable dishes, a classic from palomasnest. Caroline of Paloma's Nest was the first to create petite dishes like these to be used as ring bearer's bowls, a trend which has caught on big time!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Thomas Paul pouches

I just saw these new Thomas Paul pouches on Oh Joy! and am in love.

It's a different line, but look at the cute wee Matryoskas!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Old-timey library stuff

My dream room to have in a future house would be an old-fashioned library, complete with built-in bookshelves up to the ceiling, a library ladder (to reach those shelves up to the ceiling), a big, imposing desk, and worn, old-boys-club style furniture. The "library" we have now is certainly inspired by that, with a healthy dose of girly, whimsical, and ironic accessorizing.

I do sometimes find myself (and by that I mean always) yearning for Victorian, British-Empire style tchotchkes to fill said library with. I'm currently loving the affordable objects by Authentic Models and Victorian Trading Co.

Art Nouveau magnifying glass and letter opener

Phrenology Head - I'm dying for one of these!

Monday, August 3, 2009


How I wish I lived in a semi-permanent place where I could paint and wallpaper to my heart's content! If I did (oh, and had a bit of a bigger paycheck), I would make full use of some of my favorites:

Modern London Toile from Timorous Beasties (such a cute name!)

If I had a wee bairn, some of Lizzie Allen's retro London designs might be necessary.
Sophia from the Monsoon collection for Graham and Brown. Or really anything from that line.

Or, excitingly and much more accessible, damask wallpaper for the Graham and Brown line at Target!

I would love to figure out a way to use some wallpaper in a portable way. Right now I'm thinking it would look cute in pieces, framed, or used to jazz up some basic furniture. The second is a serious possibility as I have a few black pieces that I've been wanting to do something with. I just need to find a piece with the right scale for those pieces.

ASOS (i.e. I <3 macs!)

I was just peeking around British online store ASOS's website. They have some super cute things, and are tempting me so much with their adorable trench coats (macs, so cute). I absolutely cannot buy another trench until my current black rain-resistant one wears completely out, though. I have at least half a dozen trench or trench-like cotton coats! But I love ones in cool colors, with special details like pleated skirts, bows, zips, funky collars, etc.

Bow Back Full Pleat Hem Mac