Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Outfit Post: Fine and Dandy

The weather's been fairly mild of late, so there may perhaps be a few more outfit posts before the snow starts again. I had to share this one because it features my beloved Liberty shirt with a brand-new hot pink tie. Plus a new haircut!

Top: Liberty
Tie: Tommy Hilfiger
Trousers: LOFT
Shoes: Aldo

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Outfit Post: Colorblock

We may be coming to the end of outfit posts for the winter - it's getting a bit too cold out to take pictures! There may be some on nice days, we'll see.

Cardigan: Gap
Top: Gap
Trousers: LOFT
Socks: Gap
Shoes: Aldo

Friday, November 11, 2011

Outfit Post: Zips

I wasn't sure about mixing green + red, no matter how soon Christmas is coming, but I think with the grey and navy neutrals it works here. Plus I like the slightly retro feeling of the clogs and the cut-out top mixed with the more modern menswear of the cargo trousers and blazer.

Blazer: Gap
Top: Anthro
Trousers: LOFT
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens for H&M
Necklace & Earrings: Anthro

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Outfit Post: Twilight

This was my second outfit yesterday, for our fancy dinner for Mom's birthday. Sorry for the picture quality, it was just twilight when I took these - damn that daylight savings time!

Dress, tights, shoes: Target
Coat: Old Navy
Earrings: Anthro

I also had an audience for my photo session - she stuck around the whole time, alternating munching on grass with staring at me.

Outfit Post: Bomber

Yesterday was my mom's birthday, so I spent the morning with her shopping and having fun. I'm taking advantage of the lingering fall weather before winter sets in to wear my shorts once or twice more, albeit with my cozy bomber jacket on top.

Happy birthday Mom!

Jacket: Target
Top: Target
Shorts: Gap
Tights: Target
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens for H&M
Scarf: Target
Earrings: Anthro

Outfit Post: Road Trip

Lack of posts lately is due to a little no-internet vacation I took to my family's cabin, then a few days of total laziness. This is the outfit I wore to drive down to the cabin, plus a stopover at my sister's.

Sweater: Gap
Skirt: Penneys
Tights: Target
Shoes: Aldo