Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New armchair

I saw this armchair two weeks ago at the Salvation Army but decided not to impulse buy. I kept thinking about the chair all week, though, and was thrilled it was still there this weekend (and on discount because it had been there longer!)

I am glad I decided to get it after all. Right now it's providing extra seating in our living room, in addition to our hideous moss-green couch. It would fit right in in the library but we don't need/have room for more seating in there. So, I suppose this piece will be one of those I'll love on its own and at some point have a place for it where it is fully complemented by the rest of the room! Or maybe if we replace our gross couch before we move out of this place...

New boots!

I have been dying for a pair of rugged motorcycle-esque boots, but frequently have a hard time finding boots, even shorter ones, which fit my calves. I tried on this pair at DSW and was in love instantly! They're very comfortable and slip on smoothly, even over jeans.

Matisse Coconuts Marley Leather Boot at DSW - Dumb name, cute boots!

I still would like a pair of 8R Frye Harness boots, but at $70 less, these ones will do quite nicely for now!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Book sale

Last weekend was the much-anticipated Natick Morse Library book sale. I love it because there's always a lot of books from the 40s-70s with amazing cover designs rather than four dozen copies of the latest chick lit/Oprah's book club pick. I'm always tempted by the pretty covers and occasionally pick up a copy of something I may never read or already have a copy of just because of its cover. My favorite picks this time:

The piece de resistance: my favorite book in the ultimate Penguin Classic design:

New Anthro catalogue

I'm loving the library and cabinet of curiosities feel.

The Black Apple

I am so excited, I just *finally* bought something from Emily at The Black Apple, i.e. my fashion and crafty icon. It's the compendium for her oh-so-clever and adorable Oddfellows Orphanage series. I've desperately wanted to buy one of the prints, but could not make up my mind. So, here comes this book that has all of the characters in it! Plus it comes with a sweet little badge and a card. Too good to pass up.

Visit Emily at her blog and etsy shop. She is too cute for words, I swear.

While I'm promoting her, I also really want these prints from her shop:

Books print - for the library!

More Urban Outfitters

I'm really liking these suede heels from Urban Outfitters. They come in five different colors and at $48 are actually affordable!