Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Indoor gardening

Jennifer and I have this goal of growing all our own herbs for cooking; however, our landlord doesn't want us doing any gardening in the yard, so we are restricted to growing things in pots. We made a Home Depot trip to pick up some plants and pots and got down and dirty today.

Gardening kits for each of us! These adorable trowels, rakes, shears, gloves, and tin buckets all came from the dollar section at Target.

The finished product! Strawberry, pansies, parsley, and a jalapeno plant in the back.

Our indoor garden nook!

There's even some tiny strawberries starting to grow already!


Easter weekend was our romantic trip to the Cape! It was a bit silly, quiet, relaxing, and incredibly enjoyable.

We started the trip by taking the scenic route up the Cape and stopping off at the Yarmouth Zooquarium. It had the cutest petting zoo where we fed and petted all the animals.

It was a bit chilly for sunbathing, but we stopped by the beach anyway! The sand was lovely and the sun felt great, even if the water was bracingly cold.

The best part of the trip, besides simply being able to spend time together, was definitely whale watching! We got all bundled up (and froze in the below-freezing temperatures and high winds anyway) and spent a couple of hours out on the front of the boat, sometimes being the very first to spot whales!

This guy loved our boat. He was only about 12-15 feet away from us when this picture was taken!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dyke chic

In honor of my new job cashiering at Target, for which I wear a very butch uniform of casual khakis and a red polo, I wanted to post about how to be a fabulously chic dyke.

Step one: Start with the underthings. Important for maximum comfort while still being cute.

Bra: unfussy but femme or bold and sporty.

Definitely necessary: boyshorts.All dykes worth their salt own many a white ribbed tank. And wear them under everything. Positive dyke points if said tank is from a men's multipack instead of the single women's ones sold on hangers.

The shirt should be androgenous; popular choices include plaid and polo.

Jeans are requisite; straight-leg dark wash preppy or relaxed fit distressed casual.

Classic Converse are always a good choice: whimsical or bold.

Accessories are key. Proclaim the importance of equality with an HRC field bag.

A funky signet ring - worn on the pinkie (or alternately the middle) finger, a simple silver ring is considered by many to be lesbian code.

And tell people who just aren't sure: fuck yeah, you're cool.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Get lost!

Image via paper+cup and loveology.

We're about to! Provincetown tomorrow!


I've been interviewing for the past few weeks, and I feel like I've been through a series of really boring and tedious blind dates. While I wait to hear back (hopefully from this one particular job that I'm very excited about!), I have officially joined the Target Corporation. On Monday I start my training as a cashier. Yay discounts!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


The Davis Museum held its semesterly Davis After Dark, a themed evening with food, activities, and crafts. In honor of the timing and a current exhibition of Italian prints, this semester's theme was Carnevale. Not ones to ignore a perfectly good theme party, Jennifer and I got all dolled up.

Feathers, jewels, tattoo, fringy shawl.

Chiffon and roses.

We made lovely masks for our next Carnevale event!