Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dyke chic

In honor of my new job cashiering at Target, for which I wear a very butch uniform of casual khakis and a red polo, I wanted to post about how to be a fabulously chic dyke.

Step one: Start with the underthings. Important for maximum comfort while still being cute.

Bra: unfussy but femme or bold and sporty.

Definitely necessary: boyshorts.All dykes worth their salt own many a white ribbed tank. And wear them under everything. Positive dyke points if said tank is from a men's multipack instead of the single women's ones sold on hangers.

The shirt should be androgenous; popular choices include plaid and polo.

Jeans are requisite; straight-leg dark wash preppy or relaxed fit distressed casual.

Classic Converse are always a good choice: whimsical or bold.

Accessories are key. Proclaim the importance of equality with an HRC field bag.

A funky signet ring - worn on the pinkie (or alternately the middle) finger, a simple silver ring is considered by many to be lesbian code.

And tell people who just aren't sure: fuck yeah, you're cool.

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  1. Extra credit for not referring to them as "wife beaters".