Wednesday, January 13, 2010


In my last post, I mentioned that my new green belt is one of the only things I've ever paid full price for at Anthro (at $40, it wasn't that much of a splurge). One of the only other things I've bought full price (at least for myself) was my gold Frye oxfords, which I vacillated about for months as they sold out and were finally restocked. Given that during the non-rainy seasons I wear them maybe once a week, their price-per-wear in my opinion more than justifies the $200-some I spent on them.

Now, however, I'm itching for another pair of amazing shoes from Anthro. These ones, however, are $338. But I want them so much. I tell myself I would wear them all the time, that the soft grey goes with so much of my wardrobe, and that the heel is both chic and walkable. Then I tell myself that they are $338 plus shipping and I have rent to pay. So for now, I ogle from afar.

I wants them my precious. Chie Mihari Open Wing Heels.

Outfit Post: Frida Kahlo

This outfit reminded me of a much tamed-down version of something Frida Kahlo would wear. I think I was inspired by the book The Lacuna, which is about a young boy who grows up working for and with Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and Lev Trostky. The descriptions in it of Kahlo as a sort of Mexican queen, inheritor of the regality of her Mayan ancestors, who dressed in full, flowing skirts and blouses and stomped around with serious authority, really inspired me. Especially when that image is contrasted with the very serious and ongoing medical problems she had all her life; those very skirts covered legs damaged by polio and a trolley accident.

Anyway, even though this is not the best picture ever, due to the complete lack of light at 6:00 PM, it shows what I was going for. It also highlights my new green belt, one of the only items I've ever bought for full price from Anthropologie. I love it - green is a very new color in my wardrobe, but I think this rich, dark shade will play nicely with many of my existing pieces.

beeteedubs, whenever I think about Frida Kahlo I always associate it with the makeover scene in Princess Diaries - "I love your eyebrows! We'll call them Frida and Kahlo." Anyone else? No?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Teeny Terrariums

As a person with a proven (time and again) black thumb, I am very appreciative of plants which require next to no care. Succulents and cacti are the only things I can keep alive for long periods of time (and even that is iffy depending on whether I live somewhere that actually gets sunlight). Add that to my love of tiny things, and I was bound to love these teeny terrariums with itsy-bitsy succulents and air plants (quoi?).

Aren't they just adorable? They're all from Tortoise Loves Donkey on Etsy and ridiculously affordable (around a fiver each for the wee ones!). I am pretty sure I will need to get some come summer and sunlight.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Outfit Post: Saturday

On Saturday we went to the DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park, which meant wearing something cute, artsy, and - most importantly - good for tramping about in the snow.

This is one of my favorite skirts, and I love it with my new peacock-blue tights from Gap.

I recently modded this coat to be single-breasted and therefore fit over my prodigious bosom better. The waist closes with a snap which likes to come undone, so I do it up with a wide caramel belt, which I find both functional and in tune with the military feel of the coat. I also love my stompy Columbia snow boots, which are incredibly warm.

Best Christmas present!

So, my two major Christmas presents this year were both a) not surprises and b) cameras! From my parents I received my Nikon D3000 as a Christmas/Birthday present, and from Jennifer (who is very good at taking both hints and not-so-subtle direction when it comes to present buying) I received the much-blogged-about Fujifilm Instax Mini!

So cute!

It takes the most adorable tiny pictures.

I think they look cute next to my little soldiers. I'd love to frame my favorites in a small square Ribba shadowbox frame.

Jennifer got mine at Adorama I believe, but they took forever to deliver it - it only arrived just before Christmas! They seem to be sweeping the nation, though, so they're available in many online camera shops and on Amazon.

Christmas (a bit late)

Just sharing some of my favorite parts of our Christmas this year.

A Christmas tree with loads of presents, and intrepid travelers Paddington and Seamus on top (they might get more explanation in a future post).

Gingerbread house, albeit inedible. I handmade this little guy out of felt!

Ornaments handmade and from far away.

The best Advent calendar ever! Playmobil Santa's forest. 

Not pictured but also awesome parts of Christmas: making loads of Christmas cookies to send to our families, watching Christmas movies, making some amazing food for Christmas Eve and Day dinners (scallops then steak!), and most importantly, spending the whole holiday season with my girl.