Thursday, April 15, 2010

Outfit Post: New Dress

I picked this dress up at Anthro over the weekend and I really like it! The strapless sweetheart neckline is very flattering, although I had to sew in a few extra snaps to make sure it stays all buttoned up! It did get me a compliment from one of the most stylish girls at work, which made me happy. I think I would like to try it with different belts or a bright cardigan in the future.

Scoop-neck tee, Target
Tights, Gap
Dress and shoes, Anthro

Monday, April 12, 2010


I posted before about Heather Ross's Far Far Away fabric line (unicorns!). Well, a few weeks back I splurged and bought two yards in blue and three in purple.


I'll be posting what I did with the blue soon, but I am holding on to the purple for just the right project. But, for some instant gratification, I am seriously considering a pair of unicorn Keds from Heather's Zazzle shop.

Too cute for words, right? There's both grown-up and kid styles in a few of oh-so-adorable prints.

Outfit Post: Sunday shopping

I loved this outfit, but the shoes lasted maybe twenty minutes before I changed for oh-so-chic Birkenstock silver sandals. They're super cute, and it's not actually the height that gets me, it's the fact that my pinky toes seem to be too short for the shoes and get caught in between the straps! Not comfortable, I promise. I wore this for running around town on Sunday and doing a little shopping.

Grey blazer and striped sequined skirt, Gap
Teal tank and platform sandals, Target
Medallion necklace, Urban Outfitters

Outfit Post: DIY Carousel

This skirt started its life as the Merry-Go-Round Chemise at Anthro:

I picked it up for a mere $20 but didn't really need a too-short, too-sheer chemise for lounging around the house. (While in the picture, the two pieces seem to meet somewhere near the natural waist, on me it right right under the boobs). But I love, love, love the watercolor-esque carousel print:

So, with much painstaking seam-ripping, a cream muslin lining, a blue waistband, and a bit of elastic, it's turned into a cute A-line skirt. It's not the most flattering cut for me, as it's snug across the hips but a bit loose at the waist, but the print is too cute for me to care. I also realize that I look like Busty McGee in that photo, which makes me think that bra might need to be retired for one that will bring the boobs more front and center, ack.

Stay tuned to see what I did with the top of the chemise!

Navy cardigan, Old Navy
Gold tank, Target
Blue print scarf, vintage from Mom
Carousel skirt, DIY via Anthro
Bow peep-toe flats, Gap

Outfit Post: Swan Butt

This tiered ruffle skirt from Target has been making the blog rounds for the past few months; so, thanks to Amy of KelindaKelinda and Anjali of goldenmeans I'll always think of it as the "swan butt" skirt. Mine's pink, though, so it'd be a bit of an odd swan. It was my Easter present from Jennifer and I love it as much as I love the Jolly Rancher jelly beans that were also in my basket!

Blue pinstripe blazer, cream beaded camisole, and navy tights from Gap
Swan butt skirt from Target
Gold oxfords from Anthro/Frye

Friday, April 9, 2010

Liberty (again)

I put my new Liberty lampshades on their bases last week. I really like how the mid-century wooden bases give them a totally different feel from the silver bases sold with them at Target.