Monday, April 12, 2010

Outfit Post: DIY Carousel

This skirt started its life as the Merry-Go-Round Chemise at Anthro:

I picked it up for a mere $20 but didn't really need a too-short, too-sheer chemise for lounging around the house. (While in the picture, the two pieces seem to meet somewhere near the natural waist, on me it right right under the boobs). But I love, love, love the watercolor-esque carousel print:

So, with much painstaking seam-ripping, a cream muslin lining, a blue waistband, and a bit of elastic, it's turned into a cute A-line skirt. It's not the most flattering cut for me, as it's snug across the hips but a bit loose at the waist, but the print is too cute for me to care. I also realize that I look like Busty McGee in that photo, which makes me think that bra might need to be retired for one that will bring the boobs more front and center, ack.

Stay tuned to see what I did with the top of the chemise!

Navy cardigan, Old Navy
Gold tank, Target
Blue print scarf, vintage from Mom
Carousel skirt, DIY via Anthro
Bow peep-toe flats, Gap

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