Thursday, February 5, 2009

Floppy berets: yes or no?

I saw a girl the other day wearing a variation of this hat from Modcloth and looking fabulous, and it made me reconsider a hat I have sometimes considered a little silly looking.

The Popular Beret from

I don't love the little snow-ball bits on it, but I do rather like this version, also at ModCloth:

The All-Buttoned Up Knit Beret from ModCloth

I love my daily cloches, but there's just so many knit options out there I'm considering branching out more. Plus, Emily of Some Girls Wander, whose style I covet, rocks a floppy beret quite often and looks amazing:

Can I please dress like this?

Thoughts? Opinions? Expressions of disgust and/or glee?

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