Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jennifer's Valentine's Day Surprise

Now, I'm not usually all mushy on Valentine's, but any excuse to spoil my girl (and occasionally myself in the process) gets a lot of enthusiasm from me! So, I made her this little pre-memory box to show her what we'll be doing together on April 10-12.

When she opened it up, revealed inside was this little accordion-fold book.

Each pair of pages showed some activity and held a space for a picture taken on the trip. I intended it as a pre-made scrapbook for Jennifer, who likes scrapbooks but doesn't get around to making them herself.

I can't wait for the actual event! Jennifer and I haven't had a proper getaway since before we were technically together.


  1. I absolutely love this idea and your execution!
    I'd give a finger for the red box. :OD

  2. Thank you!
    There's no need to give a finger - the mini suitcase is from Paper Source!