Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Best Iowa buys

We did a fair amount of shopping (and eating!) while in Iowa this past week. I'm currently wearing one of my favorite buys, a purple boat-neck stretch sateen cotton sheath dress (with pockets!) from Gap Outlet. But, some of my favorite non-clothes items are below:

A bird sculpture in a delicate glass globe from Pier One.

In situ on one of my favorite bookshelves! This shelf houses my gorgeous Evelyn Waughs as well as my growing collection of vintage books. I love the covers on them! Within the collection is a sub-collection of vintage Arthurian/medieval myth books. Also, the knight in shining armor is holding up our collection of vintage Italian tour guides.

These books were bought at the oh-so-creepy Trinity Heights. I will admit, I felt a little guilty giving money to an organization that has a garden dedicated to the "victims of abortion", but I couldn't resist the sweet cover designs on these two. I especially love the Sin one, with the snake and apple.

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