Tuesday, September 22, 2009


While I've never really been all that into Halloween, Jennifer's enthusiasm has rubbed off on me and I find myself very much looking forward to it this year, not least because we have one party to go to and one party to host!

My lovely friend Lily is planning an art-themed party to be held at the museum at Wellesley, with a special guest appearance by Jennifer as caterer! The party theme is to dress as your favorite piece of art - how awesome, right? It wasn't too difficult to decide on my inspiration:

I've got my much-longed-for striped stockings (yay, SockDreams!), a white dress, and will be borrowing a pair of t-strap heels from Jennifer. Now I'm searching for a crochet/fringy white shawl to drape oh-so-artfully over one shoulder.

Now, however, the question is what do I do for the party we are hosting? Choices include:

Adapting my Bellocq outfit to be a bit more Moulin Rouge-esque. I do have a top hat dying to be worn.

Jennifer and I were musing on children's book heroines, she as Madeline and me as Coraline. However, it is proving difficult to find the proper blue wig as well as a yellow raincoat and boots, which is my favorite of her outfits.

My possible favorite idea, for which I could also use my top hat, would be to be that oh-so-fabulous patron saint of gays everywhere, Oscar Wilde.

Decisions, decisions.

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