Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I am loving the science-inspired home accessories over at Anthro right now.

However, I say skip Anthro's prices and buy directly from the source. I'm looking at places like The Lab Depot, Nova-Tech International, and Test Tubes Online for my labware for our mad scientist Halloween. These places allow you to buy lab-quality glassware in cases as small as 12 or up to 200!

Glass beakers, which come in 5-5000ml capacity, make great drinking glasses. Why not try a 25ml beaker as a shot glass or a 250ml beaker as a tumbler for a great sangria?

A big Erlenmeyer flask would make a great decanter for said sangria, while a smaller one would serve as a lovely vase.

A full wooden test-tube rack would serve as a lovely set of bud vases. Or to hold cool layered shots for a party.

Porcelain bellwether crucibles would make great dishes for baked dips!

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