Saturday, October 9, 2010

Outfit Post: Gone Dotty

I felt like mixing some patterns today! I wore this outfit to a reading by the awesome Emma Donoghue at Trinity and some library time, then a (not-so)quick visit to my new favorite place in the whole world, Hodges Figgis bookstore (more on that later!).

Emma Donoghue talked about her new book, Room, which you should all read! It's shortlisted for the Booker prize and is incredibly moving. Her past novels have dealt with modern life in Dublin as well as historical British life, frequently exploring the experiences of lesbians within those cultures. She also has edited and written anthologies on lesbian literary history. All in all, she's pretty awesome.

On to the clothes....

I realized I've never shown the super-cute back of this odd little sweater, so here it is!

Polka-dot sweater: Anthro
Bunny dress: Target
Pink tank (under dress): Target
Grey tights: Penneys
Black flats: Steve Madden

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