Sunday, October 10, 2010

Books, books!

I told you Hodges Figgis was my new favorite place. Look at my haul from yesterday!

 I love E.M. Forester, and this delightful little book of short stories was a perfect addition to my collection. In fact, I bought today the last novel of his I was missing (and almost bought another copy of A Room With A View because I liked the cover, but resisted).
 I love love poetry! And I didn't have any Auden in my poetry collection.
 Since seeing The Edge of Love, I have had a slight Dylan Thomas obsession. He was a bit of a jerk, sure, but that Welsh accent makes me melt. These are love letters to the many and sundry women in his life.
Carol Ann Duffy is my new favorite! She's the current UK poet laureate and an out bisexual woman. Her poems have a modern sensibility but have tend to have a structure that feels very classic and familiar. Plus, hot pink cover!

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