Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Jennifer and I did make the trek to Target this weekend in the pouring rain to check out the opening of the Liberty of London collection. Although we were not in the line at the door at store's opening (!) there was still a fair amount left when we arrived in the afternoon, as well as more being put out. There was plenty I would have bought if we had needed it (dishes, storage, bedding), but I think I came away with a fair haul.

I am wearing this dress today. The dresses are all polyester, but are silky and slinky and seem well made. I really like the flattering semi-dropped-waist on this one, although neither Jennifer or I are entirely convinced by the vertical ruffle. I am in love with the art-deco-esque print, though. It reminds me of Charles Rennie Mackintonsh.


I love the exuberant print on this delightfully spring-y dress. I'm not sure how the pleats will hold up, but the trapeze shape lends itself well to layering and belting even if the full pleating washes out.

I got my tie! I wore it on Monday and got a few compliments! The silk is nice for the price and I can't get over the cuteness of the print.

Finally, I picked up two of these lamp shades to go with these two wooden mid-century lamp bases we have. I'm still a little on the fence about these shades, if only because they're very bold and doubling them up may be too much. I'll put them together this weekend and see.

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