Monday, March 9, 2009

DeCordova Musem

Yesterday Jennifer and I went to the DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park, one of our very favorite local museums. The main museum houses a regularly-changing rotation of contemporary art and is surrounded by a 35 acre park full of large scale sculpture. It's an amazing place for wandering, picnics, walking dogs, and being a bit silly.

The view from the roof terrace is gorgeous even at this time of year.

The art lends itself as a player in drama.

Glass pants are difficult to walk in.

The DeCordova constantly shows challenging artists whose work I invariably love. I always come home with a new catalog and notes on artists I must learn more about. This trip's obsession is Tabitha Vevers, a Provincetown/Cambridge located artist whose works draw upon art historical styles, devices, and icons. Her works are all playful, whimsical, and a little dark and disturbing. She references styles like surrealism, utilizes medieval religious art traditions such as the creation of icons and ex-votos, and is inspired by her surroundings on the Cape.

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  1. When we get Marcel, I'll take him for walks and we'll make up stories about walking in glass pants (mostly me, as Marcel will mostly bark at a passerby)