Sunday, May 1, 2011

Inspired by: BBC

Two recent TV movies by the BBC caught my eye, first for the cast and the stories, then for the luscious costuming. The beeb's always been great with period dramas, so it's never a surprise but always pleasant when the design is so perfect you just want to dive into it. Maybe these films are also to blame for my recent hat obsession...

First up, Christopher and His Kind, based on Christopher Isherwood's autobiography of the same name, starring Matt Smith. He was delightful, but Imogen Poots completely drew me in if only because of her fab wardrobe. Also, Belfast stood in for Berlin, which I love! I just found that out, now I want to watch it again to see if I recognize any buildings.

Second up is Women in Love, a two-part adaptation of DH Lawrence's novels The Rainbow and Women in Love. Incredibly heartbreaking with great performances by the always stunning Rosamund Pike and the sultry-voiced Rachael Stirling. Spoiler alert: despite the title and the fact that all the promotional material only showed Rachael and Rosamund, it's not actually about lesbians. Though there is an ill-fated, one-sided gay storyline.

On another note, cheers on the beeb for never being afraid of taking on gay/lesbian storylines, even (and especially) when they're not just a side-plot, and for adapting novels so controversial in their time.

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