Thursday, January 20, 2011

Outfit Post: Steampunk

While I'm no cosplayer or anything, I've been kind of into a slightly steampunk aesthetic for a while. I think it hearkens back to my serious love of all things Jules Verne when I was around 10 (and I do still love a good British empire explorer/spy novel...I'm reading Mark Gatiss's Lucifer Box series right now, which is delightfully cheesy).

Some fabulous recent steampunk inspiration:

The world created for the Doctor Who Christmas special, A Christmas Carol (+tweed!)

A new character on my favorite guilty-pleasure sci-fi show Primeval. Her name is Emily and she's from the 1840s...and wears a kick-ass leather jacket belted over a bustled skirt. Love. Oh, plus her bff's name is Charlotte and for a minute I was pretty sure they had made the Brontes into time-travelers. Alas, no.

My interpretation for the day:

I included some art-nouveau inspired accessories just for fun:

Blazer: Banana Republic Outlet
Blouse: Monsoon
Jeans: Gap Outlet
Belt: Avoca
Boots: DSW
Necklace and rings: family keepsakes

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