Thursday, September 9, 2010

Old family slides

My granddaddy was an enthusiastic family photographer his whole life, documenting all family events from the biggest to the most mundane. My mom and my aunts have been going through the family "stuff" since my grandparents passed away earlier in the year, and my mom recently brought home a small box of slides. We scanned in a few and I pulled these ones out because of the fabulous fashion in them. Enjoy!

My grandmother, looking gorgeous.

I love this glimpse into 50s suburban life - especially the short-shorts, rolled sleeve, rolled hair, and cocktail combo.

My mom is rocking her dad's Shriner's hat, but my favorites here are my aunts' plaid berets and my grandmommy's suit and matching red purse and shoes.

Easter Sunday best! Love!

Fab girls' party dresses (at my Aunt Suzi's eighth birthday)

Also love her carousel cake!

Finally, how fabulous does my grandmother look here in front of the sphinx? Navy shirtdress, red bag and heels, awesome sunnies, and great Vogue pose. I want to travel like that!


  1. Wow, I thought that first picture was your mom. They look so much alike.

  2. They do! And my mom as a little girl looks just like Erin as a little girl.