Monday, September 20, 2010


I woke up this morning with a yen for exploration. So, I put on my (new!) explorer boots and set off for Rathmines, the town/suburb closest to my dorm in Dublin.

Explorer boots! (They are these ones from Aldo)

I first visited the Rathmines Bookshop and Bookcube Gallery, where I ended up talking with the artist owner for over an hour about the art world in Ireland! He told me about a few great resources that will be helpful while I'm here.

Then I walked down to the canal and visited with some swans. They are very friendly and will come right up to you to see if you have any food to give them.

Finally, I made my way back home while admiring the quirky architecture of the residential areas of Rathmines.

Perfect tiny blue porch.

I love the cheerful red trim on this house.

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