Friday, February 26, 2010

Make your own cabinet of curiousities

Like I said earlier, I like to pick up treasures from giftshops in museums and the like. Natural history and science museums always have those collections of stones, gems, and crystals for (somewhat) cheap. Shells can be combed by the tenacious or bought by the lazy (guilty!). But for the slightly wackier items etsy is your friend. There are plenty of vintage taxidermied animals and found bones and claws, but some of the best items are the ones created by actual taxidermists and entomologists.

Odd, but kind of awesome? Taxidermied "unicorn" made from the pelt of a stillborn lamb from Torree.

I am in love with the butterfly displays from BugUnderGlass. Museum quality displays of conservation-farmed butterflies (and beetles) done by an entomologist. They have a huge selection and everything is beautifully and artfully displayed. Awesome!

Or you could have someone else do all the work for you! Etsy shop aldetha has a few cabinets with awesome contents pre-chosen and arranged.

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