Monday, June 1, 2009

Closet clean-out!

Jennifer and I went totally through our closets this weekend to weed out little-worn and ill-fitting clothes. Since I seem to have put on a few around the bum area, some of my jeans and trousers have been languishing unworn and I decided good riddance and got rid of a few of those just-too-tight pairs.

However, while I was at it I found a number of things that I like but never seem to wear and decided to make it my goal to actually work them into my outfits. So, to encourage myself to do so I've decided to post a week's worth of outfits with at least one little-worn piece in each!

I'll post today's outfit, too, although I'm wearing a new shirt and shoes and a skirt I wear fairly often. I'm defending it because this is the first time I've worn this skirt to this job, and the first time I've worn it with flats and bare legs.

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