Friday, June 12, 2009


Last Sunday Jennifer and I celebrated our second anniversary. I planned out a surprise day full of a ton of our favorite things. We started off with pancakes and smoothies (made in her fancy new Waring blender, one of her gifts from me) then got dressed all cute to embark on our day.

First stop was the DeCordova museum to see their new exhibition and have a pan-European picnic with brie, gouda, french bread, olives, hummus, and dark chocolate.

Adorable picnic basket from Target!

Next, we went to see The Importance of Being Earnest at Wellesley Summer Theatre. As Oscar Wilde is our household god, it was only appropriate that he be a part of our day.

Finally, we got all dolled up and went to Sel de la Terre, a restaraunt in Natick that's slightly more upscale than we often do but not to fancy to break the bank. The food was amazing!

I loved our day very very much, and it was just topped off my the lovely and thoughtful gifts from my girl. She got me the most gorgeous purple purse, which I have had my eye on since last fall, as well as a beautiful and delicate 'mon amour' necklace, which I never want to take off.

Jennifer received from me the afor-mentioned (awesome) Waring blender, a super-cute and super-easy ice cream maker, and a silly little ruffly apron. I also repaired and added to her charm bracelet, an ongoing gift from me that had suffered some sad damage.

Super cute and makes a-maz-ing ice cream!

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