Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ring me up

Engagement rings are tricky when you're two girls, one of whom is planning a surprise engagement (me) and one who is very picky about her jewelry (me again). Jennifer would be perfectly happy to have me pick out both of her rings, but I had to have at least some input, so I opted to do things a bit backwards. I picked out two matching, slim hammered bands to propose with and she and I are both picking out more elaborate rings to buy for each other later.

Our rings are from kateszabone; mine is rose gold, hers is white gold.

For our second rings, we've both picked out ones we like from the same seller, kateszabone. All of her pieces are delicate and have a clean, organic feel.

 I am in love with her rose-cut diamond solitaire rings. I want the hammered finish from the top image, but in rose gold with a white-ish diamond like the top ring in the second image. I love the gentle sparkle and vintage feel of rose-cut diamonds; they seem less aggressively sparkly than many more modern cuts!

Jennifer really likes her gypsy-set bands - set-in diamonds are a must for her so nothing gets snagged when she's working.

One thing that's important to me through this whole wedding process is supporting small businesses and independent artists, so I'm very pleased to be buying our rings from an etsy seller rather than a big chain jeweler.

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