Friday, April 22, 2011

Hands on some Hasbeens

Mine, all mine! I made the trek out to Dundrum today to visit the only H&M in Ireland carrying the Hasbeen collaboration line. There were two pairs of the red strappy sandals left, both in my size, which has to be a sign from god. I did not hesitate and snapped them up! Major bonus, they're comfortable and fit me perfectly. They're also very well made and I think with weather very well. They even came with their own tote bag and care sheet.

In other exciting news, I just bought a ticket to London for a long weekend in May! Ostensibly I'll be going to do an interview for my dissertation, but I'm staying for four days total so see the sights. I've been before, so I'll revisit some of my favorites but am also really very excited to go new places. On the list: Tate Modern (obvs), Natural History Museum, the giant Anthro, Liberty of London (!!!), the Saatchi Gallery, and the Sherlock Holmes Museum.

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  1. That anthropologie is the most beautiful anthro ever. Happy shopping <3