Sunday, December 12, 2010

Outfit Post: Birthday business

I'm behind on posting, all because I have no internet access in my room right now! Which means I've been using it in one of the empty rooms in my flat, but it's not nearly as comfortable so I'm only on for short periods of time.

I wore this outfit for class, to give a presentation, on what just happened to be my 24th birthday. It wasn't a terribly exciting birthday but I have big plans to celebrate once I'm home! I did get pretty much the bestest birthday present I could think of - Sherlock on DVD! I mean, I already was watching it pretty much once every few weeks, but now I have special features and commentary to watch too! I have more pressies waiting for me at home(s), so exciting! 

Sadly, the continued snow/ice meant that my gold-shoe-wearing on presentation days had to be suspended. I'm really glad I invested in these LL Bean booties as they're all I've worn for the past two weeks and my feet still feel great. Love.

Button-front shirt: Target
Cardigan: Penneys
Skirt: Nordstroms Rack
Belt: Anthro
Necklace: Accessorize
Tights: Penneys
Booties: LL Bean

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