Monday, July 13, 2009

Which watch?

I want a pocket-watch necklace. Which one is the best??? (all from

I think this is my favorite - the Old and New Pocket Watch Necklace. I love the filigree!

I think this one's a close second, though.

I like that the leaves kind of look like wings. Fresh Picked Time Clock necklace.

Not a necklace, but how cute is this pin? There's also a necklace version on fredflare.


  1. The first one is very pretty. But I do love some regalia. I'd make all sorts of navy inspired innuendos every time you wore it. Aye aye sailor *wink*wink*

  2. I'd need some epaulets to go with it.

  3. I have a watch similar to these (mine looks like a golden snitch!) and they are seriously the bomb. Also, I like the first one. I'd be worried about the wings getting caught on knits.