Monday, May 18, 2009

Swimsuit season

While I am so not a beach person (too many bad lobster-like sunburns in my youth), I find myself drawn to all the new swimsuits every spring. I especially like fun, pin-up, vintage looking ones. I've rocked two basic black tankinis for a while now, liking that they keep me mostly covered up while showing off my best - ahem - assets. But last year I finally decided that I liked my round tummy and bought a bikini. Still basic black, however.

You can also see my hair just-barely-grown-out from shaving it last summer.

But, when I saw this cute vintage-y polka dot top on sale at Target I fell in love.

However, due to a lack of bottoms in my size, I opted to leave it. But now I find myself pining. It also comes in green and black and has plenty of availability online.

So, cute but ultimately impractical? Should I go back and try other colors and see if I can find some britches that cover me bum?


  1. I really love that swimsuit. With your pale skin and curves the pin up girl style really works. And I'd like to spend some time at beachy type places this summer.

  2. Maybe it's because I'm wearing green today and it feels all spring-y, but I'm leaning towards going back and trying out the green one. Thoughts?