Friday, May 8, 2009

Back at work

So, I've been two weeks on my new job (post-Target, yay!) and liking it so far. The best news is that I have downtime occasionally and therefore can blog!

Brief rundown of things I'm obsessed with lately:

Singer Mal Blum. She's gay and adorable and sings songs to her ukulele. What's not to love? I listen to her album on repeat.

Neil Gaiman. I read Stardust around when the movie came out and loved it, and I recently picked up three more of his books (American Gods, Coraline, and Neverwhere) and have devoured them one after another.

Target's Trapunto Dress. I bought it in blue and magenta last year, and it's back this year in a whole bunch of colors so I bought it in the purple below. I need more!


  1. You know what this post is lacking? References to me. You missed three golden opportunities to discuss with the general public how cute I am. You could at least mention my dream about neil gaiman in case he googles himself and comes across your blog.

    Also it would better illustrate the amazingness of the dress if you took a picture of how you wore it today. I'm a sucker for a short dress and knee high boots ;)

  2. I hope Neil Gaiman googles himself and comes across my blog and then decides to be best friends with us.