Tuesday, February 7, 2012


So, my dear darling sister is getting married this June and I have the honor of being her maid of honor. Besides meaning I get to plan the wedding shower and the bachelorette party (and you better believe they'll be amazing) it also means I have to make sure I look fab as the second most important lady there. Erin's as far from bridezilla as one can be, and has picked out our dresses and letting us all pick the rest of our accessories.

We'll be wearing the now-classic convertible infinity dresses in a lovely blue teal. I can't wait to play around with all the shapes you can do with them. I'm thinking of doing mine in a grecian one-shoulder look and play up the vintage feeling of it with my accessories. 

Just like this but rather bluer.

I've been dying for an excuse to get one of these gorgeous star headbands, and this is absolutely the perfect reason. A bit of sparkle is the perfect thing to jazz up short hair, which can be difficult to give a fancy feeling.

The search for shoes has been ongoing, but I fell absolutely in love with these Seychelles t-straps. Very vintage and I absolutely will wear them again. Plus, we'll be on grass, and the heel's not too thin or tall to manage.

Finally, I've my eye out for some earrings - I'm thinking studs but with a bit of sparkle, not too much to compete with the crown, though. I might add a necklace depending on how I wear the dress, we'll see.

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