Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New directions

No, this isn't about Glee. This is about changes in my life and both the sadness and opportunity to come from them. After some discussion, Jennifer and I decided to end our relationship. We've begun to realize we want different things from our future and will be happier not trying to negotiate a solution that works for both of us. We're still trying to stay friends, which, although painful right now, will be worthwhile because our relationship was always built upon our strong friendship.

What does this mean for me? Well, I'll be taking some new directions with my life, starting with moving home to the ranch for a while to save some money and recharge after this whirlwind year. I'll be applying for PhD programs and hopefully will be back to school next autumn.

I turned in my dissertation last week and after a few months of intense work, I'm very proud of the result. I believe it's my most critical writing to date and the scholarship is something new and worthwhile. I will receive my results in the winter and then will hopefully re-work some of it for publication. I'm also working on a number of other papers and reviews, hoping to get more of my work read. I'm feeling pretty solid about my decision to pursue a career in academia and although I recognize it will take a long time and hard work and will result in a somewhat uncertain future, I'm looking forward to the challenge and to contributing to an academic world which I have found so fulfilling.

Enough serious stuff! I'll be settling in back at the ranch in about three weeks' time, so with any luck there will be a return to outfit posts (rural edition!) and my various and sundry chattering as I emerge from my little sequestered world of thesis writing.

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