Saturday, June 4, 2011

London Acquisitions

Although I managed to keep myself from buying loads of clothes in Liberty, I definitely indulged when it came to their adorable handkerchiefs. Also picked up a little Christmas ornament, as per tradition.

Such dear patterns!

I shall be rocking the victory headscarf often this summer.

At Whittard I picked up this super adorable mug and eggcup featuring the Queen (fancy the Queen!) and her corgis! Long may she reign indeed.

My single purchase at Anthro was this pair of earrings featuring wee chunks of pyrite/fool's gold. Anthro is very into rough gems and geodes in jewelry right now, something I've been obsessed with this year.

All in all, I was very restrained in my shopping this trip. The limited bag space and impeding move certainly helped convince me that was the best.

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