Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ring book

I mentioned that I gave Jennifer her ring within a book; when she saw it she said I must love her a lot to desecrate a book for her! I do, and I bought a backup copy anyway. When we first moved in together, I used to read her poetry in the evening before we went to bed (still do sometimes when we're in the same place at night!), so I thought a book of love poems would be perfect. I took a while to search for just the right book: a poet we both liked (although Duffy was a new addition to our repertoire, since I really discovered her work over here); hardcover so it would withstand cutting a hole into its pages; and beautiful cover design so it would be aesthetically pleasing as well! I started searching probably around a year ago, when I began planning the proposal, and found the perfect book late fall of last year.

We plan to use the book as a mini-scrapbook of our engagement day; we'll include all of our instax mini photos (shown on last post) along with pressed flowers, the business card from The Winding Stair, and other whatsits from the day.

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